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Engagement Sessions

Save the Date's

What is an engagement session?

An engagement session is a session for you and your fiancé.  Many times photos from engagement sessions are used for specific purposes like your save the date, your wedding website, to make a custom guest sign-in book, or to display images at your reception.

How does an engagement session work?

The first thing we will do is check for available dates.  You can check my calendar here, and book your session online, or contact me via telephone or text at 423-619-1420.

Next we will need to choose a location.  Often times the couple will have a place in mind that is meaningful to them, or maybe you just are not sure.  Either way, together we will decide on the perfect location for the two of you.  

The day of your session we will meet at our pre-determined location and get to work!  No worries, an engagement session should be fun!  Nothing to stress. 

What should we wear for our engagement session?

I always recommend first and foremost that you are dressed and feel comfortable for the surroundings/location of the photo shoot.  For example, if you've chosen a park, hiking trail or field, consider wearing more casual clothing.  If you have chosen an art gallery, downtown city session, or formal style venue, consider wearing a cocktail dress or dressier clothing.  If you have inspirational images that you "must-have" consider the poses when choosing your outfit(s).  As example, if you just love pictures on you in a field, sitting on a blanket you'll need to be sure you are wearing an outfit in which you can sit, comfortably.  I know that sounds obvious, but in the excitement of being newly engaged,  it's easy for these types of things to slip your mind.

What should you bring with you to your session?

I recommend you bring a tote bag, carry bag or something easily carried to hold the little things, like your cell phones, lipstick, brush/comb, extra clothing etc.  In some cases we will not be near a car so these things will need to travel with us.  If there is a lot, let me know and I can bring my pull cart:)  

Can we bring props? pets?

Absolutely!  Let's start with props:)  If you have things meaningful to you and your fiancé I am happy to incorporate them into your session.  The session should primarily be about the two of you, your love for each other, and things important to you!  With that said, keep in mind we don't want props to become the whole session.  Props are just used as accents to tell a story not steal the show!

My fiancé doesn't like having pictures made, so I'm worried about posing?

Don't worry!  I've been photographing couples for many many years!  Most people become nervous and uncomfortable in front of a camera, that's normal!  I make your session fun, and within the first 10 minutes of the session your fiancé will relax and the two of you can just be "you!".  

What if it rains the day of my session?

I will contact you the night before your session to remind you and also see if you have questions.  At that time if the weather is questionable you can decide if you'd like to reschedule or continue as planned.  Cloudy weather is NOT a problem, as a matter of fact, cloudy skies produce fantastic lighting.  Rain on the other hand is a reason to re-schedule unless you are feeling adventurous... and then, we will make incredible rain pictures!  The only word of caution is if we begin the session, and then it rains, and you want to reschedule, there is a rescheduling fee added.

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It's time to tell your friends and family about the wedding to come. Your first step: Send save-the-date cards to your guests. This pre-invitation card announces your wedding date and location, and also lets guests know that they will, in fact, be invited to the celebration.  Typically the save the date is sent 6-8 months prior to your wedding date.

Whether I am photographing your engagement session or not, I'd love to create and print your save-the-date announcements. Get exactly what you want, save money in the process, and support a small business. Pricing begins at $2 per announcement, allows for printing on the front and back of announcement and includes the envelope.  


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