Since you have made it to this page of my website, it means you are either a Senior now, or you will be one soon.  I am glad you are here and Congrats on your upcoming graduation.  Whether you are a high school senior or you are about to graduate college...Senior year is a special time, full of fun memories, that I  encourage you to document in photographs.  This part of your life is one your parents treasure and I know it's hard to believe, but one day you will want to share your beautiful photo's with your children and grandchildren!  

Senior students have a special place in my heart and it gives me great joy to play a small role in their lives by capturing amazing photos of them during their senior year!  

There is a long list of things you'll need to think about as you prepare for senior year.  If this is your first senior... don't worry!  I've got all the info and services you'll need.               

This page will provide info on:

          Senior Sessions


               -Graduation Announcements

                -Graduation Yard Signs

                 -Graduation Party Packs

                 -Graduation Banners, DVDs, photo-booths, and more!


          Yearbook/Memory Books & Senior Albums

               -Senior page in the yearbook (or sport programs)

                -Memory Books (Sports Teams or Individual)

                -Custom Senior Albums

         Senior Banners (sports)


Look around, and feel free to contact me with any questions!


Let's get started!



Untitled photo

30 minute session

one outfit

one location

online viewing gallery

limited availability


Untitled photo

1 hour session

two outfits

one location

online viewing gallery


Untitled photo

2 hour session

multiple outfits

multiple locations

online viewing gallery


Untitled photo

4 photo sessions 

(to be scheduled each season: Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall)

1 1/2 hours each session

two or more outfits per session

online viewing gallery

CD or jump drive of all images included


I know you don't want your senior pictures to look like everyone else's and the same goes for your graduation announcements.  STAND OUT and hire me  to create beautiful, custom graduation announcements, just for you.  The process is easy and worry free!  I will consult with you every step of the way to ensure your announcements are everything you envisioned them to be!  You will receive an online proof of your announcement before it is printed.  So sit back, relax, and let me do the work:)

Your announcements can be designed using photo's I took during your session, family photo's you have, or a combination of both.  The 5 x 7 flat announcement is the most common for graduation announcements however you can choose any size you want. 

Pricing starts at $2.00 per card.  This low price includes printing on the front and back of card along with white envelopes.  

Call or text 423-619-1420  to get started!

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High School's across the country offer Senior's the opportunity to purchase a SENIOR AD in the school's yearbook.  This is a great way to be featured in the yearbook, and gives Mom and Dad and family members the opportunity to celebrate their child's accomplishment and include special words of encouragement for their child on the ad. 

Over the years I have had many parents and students tell me that they wanted a senior ad in the yearbook, but did not know where to start in designing their page.  Most give up and decide not to participate in having a senior ad.  This is where I come in!  I'll design your senior ad for yearbook using your family photos, and allow you to use any images I've taken of your child for the senior ad.   The process is simple!  You text, email or upload your images to me,  and I'll create a beautiful senior page ad for you.  Next, you proof the ad, and I submit the ad to your school's yearbook adviser.  

All school's work differently so be sure to check with the yearbook adviser to determine the cost of the ad (payable to the school), what size ad's are offered and the deadline to submit your ad.  

Graphic Design starts at $55 per page design 

See examples below...


Most High School's offer Football Programs (and sometimes other sports) each year.  A  program is a pamphlet that features the athletes, the team, and offers ad's in the Program for businesses and athletes.  Typically your school will offer one of these two options.  Either Ad's will be available for any Football, Cheer, Dance or Band members etc   or   Ad's will be reserved for SENIOR students only.  

As you look though the examples below, notice that it is common for all the "Freshman Cheerleaders" or "Junior Cheerleaders" (as example)  to place ad's. 

Not only do I offer the graphic design and create an ad for the group to go in the Program, I also offer group mini-sessions for this purpose at VERY reasonable prices. 

It's always important to check with your school to determine any deadlines, costs of ad's or rules related to ad's.  I'm happy to help with this part as well, if needed.       

Graphic Design starts at $55 per page design 

See examples below...


Yep!  All Senior athletes want a senior banners!  Have you ever gone to other schools for sporting events and noticed the banners lining the entrance featuring their SENIOR players?  I'm sure you've thought, "Why don't we have those?" or "where do we get those?" or "I want one of those for my child!".  You've come to the right place... let's make some banners:)            

If you are local (within 45 minutes of Chattanooga, TN) I will come take the pictures that we use on the banners, create, print and deliver the banners to you.  All you have to do is hang them. 

If you are not local, no worries!  Just hire a professional to take the pictures for your banner, send the images to me, and I'll create your banners, print them, and ship them to you.

Banners are typically a team decision, however I am asked all the time if I will make a banner for one athlete.  The answer is yes!, of course.  Most people who have a banner made for just their child are using the banner for personal use (hang at graduation party, hang in athletes bedroom, etc) verses hanging it at the field.  Your team may have rules about that, so check before we begin.  

You can expect a 2 week turnaround from the day I receive or take your banner pictures.  RUSH orders are accepted with an additional fee.            

I'm excited to begin creating banners for you/your team.  Call for pricing and let's get started!     

Watch Video about Banners


My personal favorite way to display your senior photo's.  I offer a wide variety of senior albums and the possibilities are endless.  Your job is to pick the size of your album, whether you prefer thick or thin pages, and the images you'd like used in your album.  Picking your favorites is easy using a special link.  You can select anywhere from 20-50 pictures for your album.  Once you've chosen your favorites,  I'll get to work designing you album, have it professionally printed, and deliver it to you.  

Even if you purchased photographs from another photographer, I can still create a beautiful album for you!

Pricing varies based on your personal choices.   Pricing begins at $99


My children all played sports, and if someone had offered this when my kids were playing... I'd be all in.  Sign me up!  I want a book.

MEMORY BOOKS ARE NOT JUST FOR SENIORS.  I recommend you begin ordering books as a freshman and fully document their high school sports with four books, one for each year.

So here is how it works.  I work with sports teams/parents photographing action sports and offering one of a kind, custom memory books for athletes. 

I offer three types of books, have samples for you to see, and can customize as needed

     Team Book

     Individual Book

     Coaches Book

Contact me for more information.  You can order your memory book now by clicking here.