This page will provide info on:

     Sports Photography

     Team Pano Posters


     Recruitment Video's

     Graphic Design for Programs

     Memory Books

     Game Day Shirts


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I offer the following types of sports sessions:

1)  ACTION SPORTS:  INDIVIDUAL ATHLETE  for one or more athlete (any sport)  

2)  ACTION SPORTS: TEAM  In this scenario I am hired to photograph a specific team and specific game   

3)  MINI SESSIONS  Offered for multiple athletes on the same day

4)  TEAM and INDIVIDUAL  Each team member has individual pictures taken and the team has a group picture.  These images are sold as packages.

5)  MEMORY BOOKS:  A printed hardbound book all about your season.  I shoot all types of sports and have limited availability to offer memory books to sports teams so get your team signed up today!  (See the section below on memory books)



Multiple size options available with the most popular being 10 x 30.  

2008 Girls Navy logoi


All athletes want banners! Have you ever gone to other schools for sporting events and noticed the banners lining the entrance featuring their SENIOR players? I'm sure you've thought, "Why don't we have those?" or "where do we get those?" or "I want one of those for my child!". You've come to the right place... let's make some banners:)

I can make any size or style banner, the most commonly requested are:

INDIVIDUAL BANNER:  Individual banners are exactly that, a banner with one athletes picture on it.  Although an individual banner, it is usually a team decision, and if one senior athlete on the team gets a banner, all seniors get a banner.  With that said,  I am asked all the time if I will make a banner for one athlete. The answer is yes!, of course. Most people who have a banner made outside of the team intend to use the banner for personal use (hang at graduation party, hang in athletes bedroom, etc).  Most common size is 2 1/2 x 4 feet.

GROUP BANNER:  A Group Banner is where each senior is pictured on the banner, but there is only one banner.

TEAM BANNER:  A team banner contains all members of the team.  This banner can be created with or without sponsors listed on the banner.  This is one banner and usually larger in size, most common is 4 x 8 feet. 

If you are local (within 45 minutes of Chattanooga, TN) I will come take the pictures that we use on the banners, create, print and deliver the banners to you. All you have to do is hang them. If you are not local, no worries! Just hire a professional to take the pictures for your banner, send the images to me, and I'll create your banners, print them, and ship them to you.

You can expect a 2 week turnaround from the day I receive or take your banner pictures.  RUSH orders are accepted with an additional fee. I'm excited to begin creating banners for you/your team. Call for pricing and let's get started!

Individual banners


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Need a super cool recruitment video to send to college coaches?  Give me a call and let's get started.  Typically the client/athlete provides the video footage, and we create the recruitment video, but you can also hire our video team to come to games and video your athlete.  Pricing begins at $250.


Most High School's offer Football Programs (and sometimes other sports) each year. A Football program is a pamphlet that features the athletes, the team, and offers ad's in the Program for businesses and athletes. Typically your school will offer one of these two options. Either Ad's will be available for any Football, Cheer, Dance or Band members or Ad's will be reserved for SENIOR students only. As you look though the examples below, notice that it is common for all the "Freshman Cheerleaders" or "Junior Cheerleaders" (as example) to place ad's. Not only do I offer the graphic design and create an ad for the group to go in the Football Program, I also offer group mini-sessions for this purpose at VERY reasonable prices. It's always important to check with your school to determine any deadlines, costs of ad's or rules related to ad's. I'm happy to help with this part as well, if needed. Graphic Design starts at $55 per page design See examples below...


Parents and fans love these GAME DAY shirts.  Shirts are fully sublimated and customizable.  They have your school logo on the front, and picture of your athlete on the back!  

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Untitled photo
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I offer three types of books:




I intentionally do not post pictures of my books as they are custom designed, however, I have samples for you to see! 

I recommend you begin ordering books as a freshman and fully document their high school sports with four books, one for each year.

Pricing includes up to 10 players on the same team, additional fees charged if more than 10 players participate.  

Ready to place your memory book order?  Click here

IF YOUR TEAM IS NOT LOCAL TO CHATTANOOGA, TN, I can create custom memory books for your team.  Call me to find out how!


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Need to make some money for your team?  There are a few services I can offer to your team as a fundraiser:

(1)  GAME DAY SHIRTS - To participate in this type of fundraiser,  your team would schedule a day for me to take photo's of each player.  Parents will be able to see the shirts online and order shirts online.  The team earns a profit per shirt sold.

(2)  MINI SESSION - The team schedules a day to offer mini sessions.  Mini Sessions are super popular and profitable around holidays (Valentines Day, Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter, etc) but can be offered anytime.  Mini-sessions are 15 minute(s) per appointment and we agree on the sales price together along with the profit the team will receive for each booking.  A minimum number of bookings is required.  These are easy to sell, and great money makers!